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Within the past decade, the sheer amount of threatened and endangered species disappearing from our planet has witnessed a huge acceleration due to the loss of both their habitat and non- existence anti-poaching laws that keep  illegal trade and commerce of furs, bones and ivory across borders and nations blooming.

Being part of this planet, one of Ideo Q’s core responsibility is seen in stopping this unfortunate development. Thus several partnership agreements with trustworthy NGOs were signed. One of them is the Glen Garriff Conversation as well as the Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation. It is in our best interest to help diminish and ultimately prevent illegal trade, habitat loss and poaching of innocent animals.


Ideo-Q’s endeavors are seen in creating further awareness within our society whilst also financially contributing to their missions. Each generated sale from one of our products will ultimately support animals in need. Your purchase will directly help animals in need as we will donate on a quarterly basis a certain percentage to one of the two NGOs that we are supporting.


The GG Conservation is about the preservation and protection of the lion species that reside on our land. The first lions were introduced to Glen Garriff in 2002 which is 100 years after the last two wild lions were hunted down on Platberg in 1902.

Glen Garriff Conservation is committed to the sustainability of the African lion gene pool and to the enhancement of the study, learning and understanding of the species.

Statistics show that our natural lion wild population is severely under threat of survival, In 1960 lion numbers in sub- Saharan Africa were estimated at 600,000 and today numbers show there could be as few as 20,000 left in the wild.

Founded in: 2002
Founder: Pat Shannon