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About Us

We are just like you. We have dreams, visions and history. We think about today and tomorrow. No one is perfect but a journey starts with a first step and that's exactly what we did. As a result, we opened in early 2017 our first E-Commerce Store called Ideo Q.

Because we wanted and will want to attract those who seek life partners and thus brands that are inline with one's character and identity. On top of that did and do we want to raise awareness for endangered animals that lost their lives due to either habitat loss or poaching. That's why we partnered up with our friends from the GG Conservation in RSA to turn promises and dreams into action. And yes, depending upon our revenues will we donate on a quarterly basis 5% of our net revenue to NGOs. 

Our product portfolio consists mainly of vendors that respect both the art of craftsmanship, and thus good quality products, as well as the importance of sustainability. Paying respect to planet earth. However, since we do work in the fashion industry, we have to ensure our customers' satisfaction and that often also requires signing up brands and labels that are simply in high demand. Therefore, do not be surprised to see some of Italy's finest designers such as Furla, Cavalli or Trussardi. Needless to say, our shop also offers casual sneakers from brands such as New Balance or Adidas.

We are a Set of former Consultants and Entrepreneurs with more than 20 years’ Experience in Brand Management covering not only the Fashion Industry with former Clients such as Gucci, Ralph Lauren and Hugo Boss but also the FMCG- and automotive Industry.
Having reached a certain Age and Stage in our Lives, it was decided to set up a Business that not only embodies our Knowledge and Passion but also our commonly shared Desires and Values to actively support endangered Animals.

A Company’s Philosophy and Mission is analogous to a Human’s DNA and Identity. It needs to be subtle, informative, transparent and sustainable besides leaving a trustworthy Fingerprint at all times. Values that are thoroughly incorporated into our operating Principles. As a result, our two main Missions are seen in delivering Value to our Customers via a fully branded User Experience and Contributing to the Planet’s Welfare.